Georgia Mountain Endocrinology, Corp. 

Jason A. Berner, MD

Dr. Jason Berner opened Georgia Mountain Endocrinology, Corp.  on August 3, 2010. His main goal was and still is to provide the north Georgia area with excellent  endocrinology services.  


Our Mission

Our office strives to provide the best endocrinology care available. We use a simple mathmatic equation to accomplish this: 1+2=3. 
1 (patient care) + 2 (qualified, caring staff), equals 3 (sound, financially viable medical practice). Without 1 and 2, 3 is not attainable. 

1. Patient Care- Excellent patient care is at the top. In addition to office visits with a qualified provider, we are able to offer a number of ancillary services in our office. These include diabetic education with a certified diabetic educator, in house ultrasounds and biopsies, glucose monitoring, insulin pump services, and laboratory services. 

2. Caring Staff- Everyone on our staff from the the providers to the administrative personnel strive to use best practices in the medical field. 

3. Viable Practice- By adding 1 plus 2 we are able to have a viable, finanacially sound, growing practice that is able to provide endocrinology services for years to come.